Every Winner Has A Coach



What our clients say about us.


Here are some comments from customers and associates on my work.


Chris Hill
“John is, BY FAR, the best thing that has happened to my business...and has also played a HUGE role in helping me with many other "life matters" that go far beyond business. He is a brilliant business man, a great listener, very well-versed at getting to know you...and then helping you maximize your business. I firmly believe that between what he has done with my business, legal issues, contracts, negotiations, business plans and models, and even my personal life, you could NEVER find a better man...and a better asset to help you accomplish your goals. He is truly one of a kind, and I STRONGLY encourage anyone to contact me if they would like to talk and learn more details...as I am fully confident once you hear everything he has done for me...and can do for you, you will hire him and thank me forever!! Chris 703 906 2446”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Bob Martin

“I have worked with John for over a year now. He has proven to be a person of extreme integrity. His knowledge and experience in a wide variety of business situations would be a great fit for just about any business. After a difficult couple of years, John has helped me re-focus and utilize my experience and skills to get back on top. Thanks John.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity



Dominc DeMarcello


“John has opened our eyes to what our company can be, will be and is becoming. He is dedicated and driven to get results. I would recommend John's services to anyone that is serious about not just surviving difficult economic times, but taking your business to the next level in the face of adversity.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity



Norma Lisa

“I had the experience of working with John for 9 years. He is a man with a great amount of integrity, respect and humility. An extremely trustworthy person who is well respected and known as a leader. He has an entreprenurial mindset and is extremely determined and innovative. John has a vast and impressive knowledge of business loans, procedures and processes. I will always remember how his expertise provided us with great success on some very challenging projects. It was a pleasure working for and with John Fazzio. I learned about the importance of relationships (business development), Marketing/Sales + (ROI's) and the RIGHT WAY to increase revenue. I highly recommend John for any business or personal challenge you may have today.”